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Have you ever wondered how many habitable planets there are in the universe, and what they might look like?

The Encyclopedia of Habitable Worlds is an attempt to answer this question.

The long term aim is to be able to generate very realistic, detailed, large scale maps to; print out and put on the wall, serve as terrain data for computer games, as companion works for fantasy and science fiction novels and movies, and to just to explore for the sake of exploring. Who knows come the singularity we might even be able to use them to generate virtual living spaces.

There is still a lot of work to do, but in the time being, you can look at a billion or so low resolution, very experimental trial world maps to wet your appetite.

P.S. You will probably need to install Chrome to use this encyclopedia. Firefox & Internet Explorer can't seem to render the map images.

For those of you with Firefox or IE the worlds typically look a little like this.

To get started click on "Random World" in the side menu or pick from the list below.
  • Asptho
  • Igyalk
  • Streech
  • Yodowry